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Benmau Diagnostic services ltd runs a 24 hour diagnostic service with modern specialised laboratory equipment. The facility is open to the general public in catering for their general health and wellbeing. The laboratory is well handled and managed by dedicated and experienced team of laboratory professionals (laboratory scientists, laboratory technicians and laboratory assistants). We ensure that patients have access to diagnostic information to participate actively in their healthcare decisions. It helps them understand their health status, make informed choices about lifestyle modifications, and adhere to treatment plans.


We served over 2000+ Patients

Benmau Diagnostic has one of the finest and professional medical personnel with a positive track record. Facilities and equipments are top notch..

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Quality of Service!

Peter Umoh

This encompasses feedback on the professionalism, friendliness, and helpfulness of staff members. Patients and healthcare providers may comment on their interactions with receptionists, technicians, nurses, and physicians.

Facilities and Equipment!

Ekene Okonkwo

They provide feedback on the cleanliness, comfort, and modernity of facilities, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment available at the diagnostic center. Up-to-date technology can contribute to accurate diagnoses and a positive patient experience.

Suggestions for Improvement:!

Uchenne Nwabueze

Patealthcare offers suggestions or recommendations for improving the services offered by the diagnostic center. This could include areas for process improvement, additional services desired, or changes to enhance the patient experience.